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Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Lisa


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50 years, 164 cm

Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Kate


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32 years, 168 cm

Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Mira


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33 years, 165 cm

Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Sandy


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37 years, 166 cm

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Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Laura


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38 years, 160 cm

Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Zoe


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37 years, 170 cm

Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Jill


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46 years, 161 cm

Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Kim


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41 years, 166 cm

Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Celine


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42 years, 172 cm

Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee Lola


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27 years, 166 cm

Flair Brothel Berlin Weissensee GiaNina


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36 years, 177 cm

Here you will find advertisements from self-employed sex workers who have commissioned us to publish their advertisements here. The business initiation takes place exclusively through the advertisers. The room rental Flair Bordell Berlin in Weißensee itself does not accept any orders and does not arrange any appointments. Please contact the respective advertiser under the contact details provided by her. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay extra for the showers?

No. Hygiene is very important to us. So if you want to freshen up or shower before or / and after, it costs nothing extra and is not deducted from the time. You only pay for the time you actually spend with one of the Flair Elves.

Do I remain anonymous?

You will be welcomed by us in a normal apartment building in Weissensee. So you can ring the bell normally.

Are there enough parking spaces?

Yes, there are several options. You can either park directly in Roelckestrasse. If, contrary to expectations, you can't find a parking space there, there is a supermarket with a large parking lot directly opposite on Pistoriusstrasse. Walking distance is about 1 minute.

How di I know, who is there and when?

You will find on our site extensive possibilities to contact individual ladies. You can reach them by phone or by email. Each lady has her own email address and answers the emails personally. However, this can not always happen on the same day, because not every model is here every day.

Is sex without Condom possible?

No, that has always been an absolute no-go for us. It's about our health and of course also about yours. Apart from that, it is also prohibited by law since 01.07.2017. We are very happy about this regulation and join the legislator. Sex without protection has no place in a brothel.

Are all Flair elves registered?


Of course, we are all registered in accordance with the legislation in force and carry out our activity independently and completely self-determined. We like to play the whole score of sexual variants... But we set the rules. :)

If you have any questions, please send an email to this address: faq(at) or ask them in the form below.

*I have taken note of the explanations on data protection. I agree that my information and data are collected and stored electronically to answer my request. Note: You can revoke your consent at any time for the future by e-mail.

Please check the correct spelling of your e-mail address, otherwise we will not be able to reply to you.

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